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                                     Yvette Greene 

             Yvette Greene was born in Dayton Ohio. As a young child she was taught how to play the guitar at the Church she attended. Shortly after that she started acting school where she met Agnes Moorhead of the show " Bewitch " who got her a feature on the kids show " Malcolm and Duffy the Dog ".

                        A few years later she joined a neighborhood band and performed at the Convention Center and Ohio University before joining the US Army. After joining the Army she would have long conversations with a Mentor Johnnie James Wilder Jr. from the well known group Heat Wave who inspired her to pursue her musical journey in the Army. After Basic Training and on her off time Yvette would audition for bands.

                        Eventually she joined a band called " Devotion" who later became the USAEUR's number one group. They opened up for Jeane Carne and Steve Clisby of the group " Hot Chocolate ". After the tour Yvette joined a German group called " Main Street "who was pictured on a Autobahn Five Billboard. While with this group she toured in the Netherlands and Austria.

                        Years later Yvette returned back to United States by way of North Carolina and joined up with another group called "Devotion ". She performed with the group doing Reunions , Weddings , and Night Clubs.

                        Yvette went to Belgium and played the guitar for a group called " Orphanages ". She moved to Heidelberg Germany and was #11 in the group " Mainstreet ". While with the group she performed at a Club called The Nachtshift in front of Chaka Khan , Steve Clisby , and Marty Townson.

                         Yvette returned back to the United States and met a producer by the name of Charles Drain in Kentucky who helped her produce her CD " Reminiscing with Yvette ". Yvette joined S.A.W. ( songwriters of Washington ) and was honored for her song " My Heart Skips a Beat". She performed for the 9/11 Tragedy at Bohemian Caverns  , Thurgood Marshall Benefit Concert for AIDs , and Curtain Call Productions where her performances were televised in MD , VA , and NY.  Yvette continues to perform at Open Mics and Private Parties. Yvette Performs her Music on Stage here in Rockville MD at DC Productions Music Hall and Comedy Club on a Monthly Basis. 

Yvette Greene Currently Signed to DC Productions Management as of 7/1/19

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