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                       The Nightwork Band


THE NIGHTWORK BAND is a 5-piece high energy Classic Roots Rock & Roll bar room boogie band.

                      We do a show of covers that range from The Boss to Grand Funk, J. Geils, Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Pat Benatar, Stones, Janis Joplin, even a couple of Alice Cooper rockers. Of course we can't leave out a few classics by the King. This is a very versatile band that holds a crowd all night; if not only to see what in the world we are going to do next! It is a band geared to get people dancing and we achieve that goal every time we perform.

                      THE NIGHTWORK Band was formed in 1988 by John Alfieri and Steve Meier with the goal of putting together a group of players who can cover a variety of bands and even put our own twist to some of the arrangements always respecting the integrity of the original.

    The Nightwork Band was Added to the DCP Roster on 9/2/19

   PPG - $ 500.00 Plus