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                         The New Dominion Band

                        A five-piece ensemble performing covers of classic/new rock, blues, Motown, Dance and country music. The New Dominion Band (TNDB) members are professional and seasoned, drawing from a variety of experiences. This is a part-time band with a primary target appeal to baby boomers and secondary audience focus of younger age groups that have listened to and grown up with classic popular artists.

                        We have performed for private parties, full service restaurants and bar/club venues, wine festivals, 4th of July Celebrations and four consecutive NYE Events. The New Dominion Band features both male and female vocalists,harmonica, with both acoustic and electric guitars. The rhythm section is comprised of electric bass, hand percussion, electronic percussion and a full set of trap drums. Our equipment can engage small venues, outdoor events and medium concert halls.

                        We have three full professional PA systems to satisfy many acoustical environments. The band covers a variety of popular artists which we like to call "The Best Music of Our Lives". TNDB can modify our play-list from a 30-minute set to a full four-hour gig. If ample notice is offered we will also entertain rehearsing new tunes not on our play-list of over 135 artists.

    The New Dominion Band Added to DCP Roster 10/1/19

    PPG $500.00 Plus