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                                Sandy Bernstein

Sandy Bernstein is a Baltimore/Washington-based stand-up comedian who engages audiences with her self-deprecating humor and animated storytelling. 

Always self-deprecating, often irreverent, and sometimes playful, Baltimore/Washington-based stand-up comedian Sandy Bernstein regales audiences with outrageous tales that run the gamut from inappropriate selfies to the absurdities of office life. Some will leave you feeling violated (but in a good way). Others will just leave you laughing and begging for more.

Never taking herself too seriously, Sandy brings a quirky perspective to a wide array of topics that include aging, body image, self-esteem, weight loss, menopause, divorce, and familial dysfunction…all with a sprinkling of Jewish humor thrown in for good measure. Whether she’s getting raunchy at a club or keeping it clean for a corporate event, Sandy is equally at home in a variety of settings. (In other words, she cleans up nice.)

Sandy has appeared at the DC Improv, the Broadway Comedy Club, Sully's Comedy Cellar, the Howard Theatre, and countless dive bars. She has opened for Willie Tyler (Willie and Lester), the Fat Doctor, and Kool Bubba Ice. A native of Baltimore, Sandy has set her sights on one lofty goal: to make John Waters blush. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

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