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Ehm-Cee abbreviation "MC," now used as the generic term for anyone who speaks over a beat, or performs songs that could be termed "hip-hop." Afrika Bambaataa and his contemporaries at the Universal Zulu Nation were the first to exemplify this term on the microphone while the DJ (Disk Jockey) was looping the hook or the beat.



Various individuals claim that MC stands for the following:

1: Master of Ceremonies, generally the speaker presiding over a formal gathering, or the host of a Jamaican gameshow.

2: Move the Crowd Originally proclaimed by the Legendary emcee Rakim (of the group Eric B. and Rakim) on his 1986 urban hit "Eric B. Is President;" to Rakim, an MC was any rapper who was able to control the crowd that he was presiding over.

3: Mic Checka

4: Microphone Controller 


It derived from the term for the only individual at a party who could speak to the Crowd.