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      NEW LOCATION - Opening January 2019 Rockville MD

                                        We are located on the Outskirts of Wheaton MD in Montgomery County a place called Rockville MD. Though I was born in Washington DC I grew up in a little place I call home which is Wheaton MD. Wheaton a place where we grew up and became tough because we had no choice but to fight for what was right and what we believed in.

                              I have seen so many come and go and the struggles that made us strong very strong things that most people couldnt ever imagine going through we survived it and some lived to tell the amazing stories. We had amazing neighborhood parties and every other house had souped up hot rods / race cars. We were all very close even though we would occasionally test are skills and fight each other we made up and would be closer friends in the long run. I think back to my early years with the Coney Island and Wheaton Crab House days when life was hard but good.

                               My way of education was Veirs Mill Elementary to Belt Jr High to Parkland to Wheaton High. I wouldnt change the way I grew up for anything in the world it made me the strongman Iam today. I love Wheaton and all it is and was. My Neighborhood which was in the Village where I grew up i have wonderful experiences that last a lifetime and I will carry to my grave.