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                        Jr Cline and the Recliners



Daryl JR. Cline is one of the  region’s most enduring and popular performers. Jr. Cline serves up music that is true to his roots, which span big band R&B, acoustic ballads, country and blues. Following the success of his band Jr. Cline and the Recliners, Daryl has most recently formed the band Oaks in the Mist. With the help of Andy Shriver on guitar, Doug Meyer on bass and drummer Scot Lienke, Oaks in the Mist showcases Daryl’s newest original material while maintaining the energy, spirit and appeal that have made Jr. Cline and the Recliners a mid-Atlantic favorite.



Daryl Jr. Cline doesn’t have to go back to his roots – he’s been there all along. Over the last decade this innovative singer/songwriter has honed his skills in venues from Manhattan to Key West, winning thousands of fans up and down the East Coast. Whether it’s for his own soulful compositions or his unique arrangements of R&B standards, fans flock to Daryl Jr. Cline’s distinctive style. Here’s the recipe: take a breeze from the mountains of West Virginia, add a memory of the streets of Memphis, mix in the soul of the blues and a sweet sense for brass, combine with a set of God-given pipes, simmer in a couple decades’ flavor of country roadhouses and city dance halls, and you’ve got the delicious sound of a true American “Roots” musician: Daryl Jr. Cline.



“To hear Cline sing. . . Is to hear a great soul voice – gritty, impassioned and totally convincing, ” writes Mike Joyce of The Washington Post. Legions of fans agree: Daryl Jr. Cline sings straight to your heart. “When Cline pleads with a friend to understand that ‘The Girl’s Trying To Please, ’ he manages to sound, knowing, and desperate all at once, ” adds the Washington Post’s Geoffrey Himes. “When he laments forlornly that ‘Young Girls (Fall in Love Too Soon), ’ his sing-along vocal balances sadness with an acceptance of the ways of the world.” But Daryl Jr. Cline can really knock ‘em out, too. “Like another diminutive white soul belter, Van Morrison, Jr. Cline’s size is an arresting contrast to the brawny sounds that come out of him, ” says Wayne Cresser in Unicorn Times. “But unlike Morrison… Jr.’s style is full of Southern charm. His ‘no sweat’ approach to his music is parceled out in the language of a low-key country gentleman.” Gruff and sweet at the same time. . . that’s Daryl Jr. Cline.



The honey-rasped voice is just the icing: at heart Daryl Jr. Cline is a gifted original songwriter. “In fact, his originals far outshine the oldies on his debut album, Junior Cline & the Recliners, ” says Himes. “The best songs highlight Cline’s own compositions: the bubbly pop enthusiasm of ‘Rainy Day Matinee, ’ the beach-party feel of ‘What Was That Feeling?’ or the Stax soul shout of ‘Falling Fools.’ There’s a stoic calm in his resonant voice as the lead guitar or the massed horns turn each jingly melody into a rhythmic riff.” In other words, Daryl Jr. Cline spans a wide musical spectrum, as Mike Joyce agrees: “Cline’s material at its best encompasses light reggae, a moody narrative ballad and loose-limbed rhythm and blues; all point to Cline’s promise as a songwriter.”



In fact, it’s Daryl Jr. Cline’s songwriting skills that have made his band Junior Cline & the Recliners a fan favorite, up, and down the eastern seaboard. With several albums out on their own label, Junior Cline & the Recliners have achieved the musical status to be invited to perform with such stars as Tina Turner, Wilson Pickett, Sam and Dave, Junior Walker, to name but a few. As the voice and soul of Junior Cline & the Recliners, Daryl Jr. Cline has amassed a mailing list of tens of thousands of fans. And it’s no wonder –- his performances always leave the audience wanting another taste of his heartfelt, good-time music. We hope this sampler of new songs will show you how Daryl Jr. Cline keeps ‘em coming back for more. Listen and enjoy.