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                                Gayle Harrod Band

            The Gayle Harrod Band is a dynamic, versatile and lively combo performing a variety of Blues, Soul and R&B, both vintage and current as well as offerings in the Pop/Rock and Jazz genres.

              They most often perform as a four piece combo, but are by no means limited to that format. They have several supremely talented “go to” musicians can be called upon to join the group on Keys and Sax if the venue and budget allows. Although they prefer to have the fuller sound of a larger band and the complementary sound these instruments add to their music whenever possible, they realize that it doesn’t work for every venue or every budget, so they have organized themselves in the most versatile way possible to have the best of all worlds.

              Tell them what you want and they will deliver it. The Gayle Harrod Band will rock your world with their momentous sound, solid, engaging performances, professional musicianship, a fun and eclectic play list that will have both young and old dancing all night, and a vocalist who is one of the best kept secrets in the MD/DC/VA area…but won’t be for long!

    Gayle Harrod Band Added to DCP Roster 9/30/19

    PPG $500.00 Plus