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                                   Albino Rhino

                            Originally formed as a garage rock & blues duo, Albino Rhino has been evolving since their inception. After cutting their teeth and sharpening their horns in DC and Northern Virginia, Rhino has become known for their raw power, energy, and unforgettable funk. The band plays funk-infused rock and blues, with elements of jazz and a tendency for extended improvisational jams that take their live audiences on an ever-evolving emotional rollercoaster.

                           Like Albino Rhino's individual members and their multifaceted city of Washington, DC, their music includes both unique properties and mass appeal. Drawing from their diverse experiences, they have written songs about beach life, social justice, funk, and of course, rhinos, so you're sure to find something for YOU within this band's eclectic portfolio. They put on an exciting live performance that inevitably leads to uncontrollable hip-swaying and dancing. The question isn't if, but when, will you #RhinoUp?

Albino Rhino is:
Avi Walter - Bass/Vocals
Jack Philipoom - Guitar
Justin Paschalides - Keys/Vocals
Brian Moran - Drums
John Longbottom - Sax

Albino Rhino Added to DCP Roster 10/12/19

 PPG $500.00 Plus