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                                     ABOUT US

                                  It all started in 1970 a young Father trying to pursue a dream and take care of his family by playing small venues throughout the DC MD and Va area as a starving musician.Through hard work and dedication he would finally make a living doing what he did best and that is performing and playing music with his band Jr Cline and the Recliners as the lead and vocalist of the band.

                                  He performed many venues in pursuit of making his dream a reality he was able to raise a family and live comfortably. The oldest son and first born would watch his Father and the ups and downs of the business and become a major fan of his music and the love for all music. He watched his Father work crazy hours and go through the motions of the business and learn from the mistakes and also learn a better deal of what the music business was about and how to treat people in general. Music is a way of life it can bring you a great feeling and occupy an empty feeling or emotion of happiness through a song.

                                  As the young man grew older he decided he wanted to make people happy with music so he ventured out and started building an elite group of professional musicians that had the same passion for the love of the art of music as he did. Years later he had built a solid group of the top artists in his opinion to give there best at venues anywhere and anytime of all genres of music. If you need it we will provide it. We have over 150 Bands both Local and National and growing of the best artists in the world that are here to pleasure you with there sounds and entertainment.

                                  We are committed to excellence and grow better and better with every show. If you need a Band or Dj of any genre call on us as we can deliver what you need. Its been a long hard road but the pay off is the smile on peoples faces as they leave at the end of the night and shake our hands with pleasure.