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                                      A&R Nick Showtime

                                             Nick Showtime aka Nick Morales is an A&R with DC Productions. I have learned from One of the Best in the Business. Through my own Trials and Tribulations in Life I have become stronger and better. I have learned that given a second chance in life is what people sometimes need. If someone believes in you and investing there time in you that you must reach for the stars and not give up. When Life deals you a bad hand you must learn to throw that hand in immediately and try something better.

                                              I have learned over the years that Music and Entertainment is a great way of life.Iam here to stay and do good I have had major setbacks in my youth and as a young adult I fully understand the seriousness of the Business and Iam back 100% and take this serious ....... Those who believe in me will see no more talk its SHOW TIME.