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                                 A&R Daniel Clarke

An established multi-genre music production artist, sound designer and DJ – Dan "D.A." Clarke is the owner and founder of NexGen Music – a UK/US-based mixed-genre indie label specializing in various genres and styles of underground and cross-mainstream music.


Born in White Plains, NY and immigrating to South East London as a small child, Dan’s curiosity and introduction to underground music in the late 80's and early 90's came by way of niche record shops, and London's pirate radio airwaves. Witnessing firsthand the evolution of the early Dance, Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, and later Jungle/Drum & Bass scenes of a new era, and with a strong family music background providing a positive and creative conduit, it was inevitable that Dan would form a relationship with music that would later see him as a respected influencer and facilitator in underground music.


Dan’s entree into artist and record label management began on a UK college campus in 1997, where he setup a mini-audio production company to produce TV commercial/advertising jingles for recognized British brands. In 2001, D.A branded the label ‘NexGen Music’, and in 2003 moved the label across the Atlantic to Brooklyn, NY, where he spent several years prior to moving to the nation's capital, Washington D.C. Now more than 15 years later since the journey first began, and armed with a robust catalog of artists, musicians, and engineers, NexGen Music has broken the borders of just producing and releasing music, going on to successfully secure a number of film, TV, and interactive entertainment placements and engagements, with works that include sound design for productions with organizations such as the BBC, Lionsgate Films, Bravo, VH1, and OTC Films.


Dan, is an ever-active figure, devoting much of his time to artist development, philanthropy, and his branding/web design & development agency. Dan is also a co-organizer of the DC Electronic Dance Meetup Group which boasts a membership of over 4,800 local EDM and underground music enthusiasts in Washington, D.C.